Town of Newburgh Indiana, Est. 1803 - National Register of Historic Places, National Main Street Community, Ohio River Scenic Byway  

Newburgh Town Council

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District I     William F. Kavanaugh, President
District II     Leanna K. Hughes, 1st Vice President
District III     Stacie Krieger
District IV     Anne Rust Aurand, 2nd Vice President
Council at Large    Tonya R. McGuire

A Map of the Districts is available here.

Clerk Treasurer     Jon E. Lybarger

Town Manager    Christy L. Powell
Town Attorney   Christopher C. Wischer
Town Engineer    Commonwealth Engineers
Planning and Zoning  Tavi Wydicks 
Administrative Assistant   Meg E. Dill

Town Hall Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6, Newburgh IN 47629